The M.A.M.A. Scholarship Program was founded in 2007 by the daughters of Elfreda Walker-Maragh, in honor of their mother – lovingly known as Mama. In her quiet way, Mama was a pioneer for education.


Though her formal education did not exceed attaining a G.E.D, she knew the importance of higher education and earning college and professional degrees.  She spent her life encouraging her children , and many others, to aspire and achieve the highest level of educational training possible.  In her eyes, young people needed assistance in all aspects of their lives to accomplish their dreams.

She became an advocate for those who had a vision, but needed motivation. She often became their source of encouragement, and inspired those she helped along the way to do the same for others.  This program is dedicated to carry on her legacy.

M.A.M.A Scholarship Program would like to THANK all of the special individuals that work tirelessly for the success of the organization by volunteering their time and effort for the success of the vision

About Us

Joy Walker- Prendergast


Rose Walker-Williams

Vice President / Legal Counsel

Dorrell Walker-Rowe


Beverley Walker-Harvey


Leanna Walker-Prendergast

Scholarship Director

Juana Wilmot

Board Member

Tony Bien-Aime

Board Member

Rochelle Walker-Wright



"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh

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